Christina is a compassionate soul; she has always been able to see, feel and understand what others are experiencing, and only wanted to help make it better if she could.


Even as a small girl she found her greatest pleasure was to help people feel good about themselves.

Fast forward some years to living an adult life, trying to cope with the stresses and worries of this world. Her joy had faded… How could she get it back?

We are so often influenced by what goes on around us, sometimes even feeling the weight of others’ struggles even though they aren’t our own.


To help deal with these external stressors, she started to attend yoga classes, meditated, had acupuncture, and through that, started to learn about energy (chi) and our chakras.

A sad little dog entered her life, and love, nurturing and caring was simply not enough to make his joy back. He’d been through some very traumatic experiences in his short life. Someone quite special to Christina started to show her the links of these traumas to his energy system and how his chakras had been affected, and were so out of balance…

The light went on and this started her journey into energy healing. The first step was a Reiki class - and she hasn’t looked back since. It all fascinated her, how everything is linked - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, and how an imbalance to one of those reverberates to the others.


Little did she know that this little dog was the catalyst that started her on her path, and there was a larger purpose to it all.


Christina is a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Aromatherapist and a Certified Instructor in the Goddess Healing Matrix SystemTM.

One of her greatest passions is using the combined power of all these modalities to bring balance. She believes there is still so much to learn, that there is so much available to us to help move through emotional and physical pain and wounds, to help us deal with past traumas.


Christina lives with her husband, 3 dogs and cat in Okotoks, Alberta. She enjoys travelling, spending time with her dogs in nature, and loves to create candles, soaps and spa baths incorporating aromatic blends and healing energy to support self love and care.


“If I am lucky enough to share what I have learned with you, it is of the utmost importance to me that you feel more self love and light leaving my healing room than you did when you came in.”

Many blessings,