How would you like to connect with the healing energy of the Divine Feminine?

Introducing . . .

A multi-level training experience that will unlock the ancient secrets of the goddesses—from Mother Mary to Aphrodite. 

Heighten your intuition. Unleash your inner goddess.

And walk away feeling profoundly moved, deeply peaceful, and thoroughly infused with celestial energy.


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If you are looking to increase your self awareness, release and let go things that do not bring you joy, and just feel your own vibration rising up, empowered and whole, this is the workshop for you.

I felt such a pull to join this workshop 4 years ago, and I haven’t really looked back since. I am grateful to have taken all four levels of this course, and am honoured to now be able to teach the Higher Priestess Practitioner Level I courses. Join us for an amazing journey!